Orangetown Jewish Center

"Their attention to detail, budget concerns and overview of the project has been truly wonderful.  We could not be happier.  They are the most attentive group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with…need I say more…We w​ere fortunate enough to have found a truly sensational architectural firm that has been able to be sensitive to our growing needs and diverse requests. We have been working with them to create just the right environment so that we can bridge the old with the new. To sum it up…”THEY GET IT”…​"


Chair, Building Committee
Orangetown Jewish Center
Orangeburg, NY 


​​Congregation Or Ami

"When we selected Brawer & Hauptman as our architects, we did not know how lucky we were. The site was tight and very challenging. Their design was creative and their staff and service was outstanding. They created a plan that allowed the congregation to transition from a partially demolished old building into a new addition without missing a beat. Most of all they approached every problem with quiet professional assurance. The new addition was occupied on schedule and completed within budget. Whenever we build again, we will call Brawer & Hauptman." 

Co-Chair, Building Committee
Congregation Or Ami
Lafayette Hill, PA



Beth Chaim Reform Congregation

“The sanctuary space feels great!  Brawer & Hauptman has created an intimate, tasteful, spiritual space that opens to nature, both inside and out …. and also captures our congregation’s modest personality and the historic barn we previously worshipped in, in the process.    The full sanctuary windows afford a beautiful view of the wooded setting with sunlight streaming in.  The lobby space and outside terrace work and flow well for the pre-function purposes we had planned on. CONGRATULATIONS to the Brawer & Hauptman team for an outstanding job.”

Chair, Building Committee
Beth Chaim Reform Congregation
Malvern, PA 


Tiferet Bet Israel Congregation

“Brawer & Hauptman led a collaborative and inclusive process that ensured that all voices were heard and that all options were explored. Their ability to listen, understand the issues and respond with creative solutions gave us the building expansion that met our present needs and those reasonably identified for the future. All of B&H’s services were provided in a timely and professional manner, with sensitivity and artistic flair – all within budget and on time. Synagogue projects are effectively undertaken by lay leaders, often by those not familiar with building process. Without exaggeration, without the assistance of B&H, this project would not have gotten off the ground.”


Chair, Building Committee
Tiferet Bet Israel Congregation
Blue Bell, PA 


Maria de los San​tos Health Center

“Working with the architects, Brawer & Hauptman, during the planning stages was a great experience.  The input of our staff, combined with B&H’s knowledge and experience with healthcare facilities, resulted in a beautiful, user-friendly building that works for the staff and the patients alike. The level of service and engagement was superb!  It felt like a true team – and that Brawer & Hauptman was in it with us.”


President & CEO
Delaware Valley Community Health
Philadelphia, PA 

  staff, combined with B&H’s knowledge and experience with healthcare facilities, resulted in a beautiful, user-friendly building that works for the staff and the patients alike.”staff, combined with B&H’s knowledge and experience with healthcare facilities, resulted in a beautiful, user-friendly building that works for the staff and the patients alike.”


Chisuk Emuna Congregation

     “So, six months out and we are still marveling at what we were able to do all together! The building is a wonder: as flexible, bright and beautiful as we dreamed it might be. We've had weddings, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, baby namings, major cultural events, and more - many events taking place back to back and requiring Gerry and Leah's team of furnishings experts to flip rooms in under ten minutes! Caterers love us. Visitors' most typical comment always includes, "You people thought of everything." We've had multiple events filling the entire hall, lobby, chapel, and even a tent on the parking lot, and it works. Mahhhhvelous!... Little Chisuk Emuna is becoming the place to be for culture and learning. People love to come to us!  Ellen, you, Ben, and Mike were the perfect team, and once again, I thank you for your patience and vision as we crawled through the design build process. We could not be happier.                     


Member, Building Committee
Chisuk Emuna Congregation
Harrisburg, PA

"Each of you brought so much talent, so much professionalism, and so much heart to this project.  I consider it a blessing to have worked with each of you, to have learned from each of you, and to have spent time sharing ideas and conferring with you. People often tell me that it must have been so hard to be president during these past three years.  “Not really,” I say.  “It was hard on my family but not so hard on me.  I was lucky to have shared the experience with so many talented, dedicated and wonderful people.”  Of course, they think I am speaking only of the members of Chisuk Emuna.  What they don’t know is that I am also thinking of you.


Thank you, my friends, for all that you have done for Chisuk Emuna and for enriching my life."


Past President
Chisuk Emuna Congregation
Harrisburg, PA

"It has been a few years since the completion of our synagogue. Naturally when we first moved in and were so excited about our new home, we expressed how happy we were with the work that you performed . Now that we have used all facets of the land and structure I can say that you did a fantastic job. Having first hand knowledge of what we had envisioned, I have been able to see how the things that we chose in theory actually operate in real life. I must say you were right on the mark in every case. Because of our unique situation of being displaced from the fire, I know we were not the easiest client.  We were so lucky to have such patient, dedicated, experienced, flexible, and knowledgeable experts guiding us. Thank you for a job well done..."



Member, Building Committee
Chisuk Emuna Congregation  
Harrisburg, PA
Stephen Klein Wellness Center

"Project HOME loved working with Brawer & Hauptman on the Stephan Klein Wellness Center.  They guided us through a design process that took into account the needs of our patients and staff, and delivered a beautiful state of the art facility that is itself a source of healing for our patients -- from the tremendous amount of natural light throughout the building, to the choice of building materials, to the interior design.  Our patients and staff love this new healthcare home in North Philly!"

Vice President of Healthcare Services
Project HOME
Philadelphia, PA
Mercy Fitzgerald Medical Office Building

“I have worked in many development projects and with top notch architectural firms and people. You are head and shoulders above them all! I hope we have the opportunity to work together again real soon.”


Former Director of Ambulatory Services
Mercy Health System
Conshohocken, PA
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