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Temple Sholom

Scotch Plains, NJ

Due to increasing costs and decreasing membership, this 100-year-old congregation sold its 50-year-old building in Plainfield, NJ and took up temporary residence in a nearby church until they could build a new building of their own. After some searching, they found a beautiful, wooded site in a residential neighborhood that was well-located and appeared large enough for their current and future needs. With a tight budget and a commitment to sustainability, the congregation requested that the spaces in the building be as multi-purpose as possible.  A plan emerged that proposed a 4,500-square-foot room that could serve as a sanctuary, social hall and nine classrooms using moveable partitions.  The warm, welcoming lobby and the conference room can also be combined for special events or could remain separate for more intimate gatherings.  The roof holds an array of solar panels.

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